Sunday, June 26, 2011

Harper Flips on Hard on Crime Promise

We saw a lot of drama about Harper refusing to take amendments on his crime bills to generate anger toward the opposition pretending they were soft on crime when really it was the wording of his crime bill that concerned them. He kept promising that if he was given a majority then he would be hard on crime. Not.

As soon as he was given a majority government he cut funding for the RCMP and the Gang task force. Surprise! Who would have thought? We knew he was a liar but who would have thought he'd lie about that too? I guess we can't trust a word that comes out of his mouth.

Duceppe was the one who said "We know Stephen Harper is soft on crime. He's soft on crime in his own office." Sad but true.


  1. Not only is this supposed leader, a man of many colors, but predominately yellow, he is the biggest liar, and a dictator of the worst kind, because he operated in a supposed Democratic country. Wake up!!! Wake up!!! Canadians. It is time for this crooked creep to ride off into a slough and disappear...

    1. I agree. And WITHOUT the "million dollar handshake" from the taxpayer's pocket.

  2. Harper is loved by gangsters everywhere. He has do e more to help the dying black market for marijuana than anyone dreamed possible. I am left scratching my head and wondering whether he is a moron or working for the criminals? In either event rgw public loses criminals win..........Moron or partner decide

  3. Harper...he has done more for drug dealers than anyone ,,,,,especially marijuana growwers who were being bancrupted by the welfare he really really stupid...or just a slimebag doing what he's told....???? Either way its gangsters win public's just damn embarrassing if he's that dumb.