Sunday, April 24, 2011

Donna Cadman's disappearing act

The headline on the Surrey Now reads: DESPERATELY SEEKING DONA. Looks like she's disappeared again and dodged another debate. It's kind of like that Eddie Murphy movie Distinguished Gentlemen. Dona has name recognition. Her husband did great things for Surrey and Canada. Dona herself is a great person. Yet she is currently somewhat conflicted.

In an earlier interview she claimed she disagreed with the party's position on the HST. I'm sure Harper's control freak censorship crew loved that one. They are the ones that likely banned her from speaking on the issue. Yet her disagreement with the HST runs hollow because she didn't show up for that vote. It would appear that Harper doesn't allow free votes for his party. The broken promise of free votes was so that MPs could vote the way their constituents want. Not in Harper's world.

The HST is just one of many conflicts. Voting for the party that tried to bribe her husband is another. Chuck Cadman ran as an independent after he was shafted by the party. Going back to that party after all the bad things they did is clearly a step backwards. There seems to be a lot of animosity towards Dona these days for her endorsement of Harper. She is a good person. Stephen Harper is not. It's important to draw that line. That would mean doing so at the ballot box this election.

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