Monday, April 4, 2011

Election Promises and Hidden Agendas

Well the election promises are getting totally out of control in what has become a circus side show of misdirection. The candidates seem to have embarked on a survivor pack competition to stay alive. Vote for me and I'll give you this. Vote for me and I'll give you that. How about no more bullshit promises. They cost too much money and you aren't going to keep your promise anyways.

Balancing the budget is a very important thing. We owe it to our children. We need to do this responsibly not recklessly and we certainly don't need to exploit the debt to rationalize removing public accountability from every social program under the sun. Public accountability is good. Handing over public accountability to large greedy corporations to do what they want with it behind closed doors is bad. Very bad.

Gordon Campbell handed out free Hydro rebate cheques right before an election to trick voters into voting for him and a disproportionate budget. Don't hand out free candy during an election then steal the bread and butter off working families tables once you are elected.

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