Saturday, April 2, 2011

Harper's Coalition Hypocrisy

Harper's trash talking of coalitions not only doesn't make sense, but is very hypocritical. Gilles Duceppe produced a letter signed by Harper agreeing to a coalition in 2004. Harper is railing against the exact same plan he had in 2004.

Clearly we can understand why the Conservatives want to limit questions and choose who asks the questions. The more Harper talks the less credibility he has.

If no political party wins a majority of the seats and if the party with the most seats refuses to form a coalition with one of the other parties, then there is nothing stopping the other parties from joining together and forming the government. Whether it's done on paper or not is irrelevant. The three other parties can vote together on any bill.

They could defeat any bill the party with the most seats but less than 50% of the seats makes and they can vote on and pass their own private member bills without the consent of the Minority government. The people with the most seats control the vote. That is a democracy.

Harper was baiting Ignatieff who responded by saying their will be no coalition. The party with the most seats forms the government. This only shows Ignatieff's Harper like arrogance and stubborn refusal to work with the other parties. Dion was ready to form a coalition with the NDP and the Bloc to form the government. Only the Liberals ditched Dion and replaced him with Ignatieff who broke the coalition and in essence formed a coalition with Harper which comes as no big surprise given his neo con attitude about supporting torture and oil wars under the false guise of human rights.

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