Friday, April 1, 2011

The Harper Government

I had heard mention of the Harper Government before but I hadn't realized that Stephen Harper renamed the Government of Canada to the Harper Government. That realization opened the door to Pandora's box.

There is a lot about this socially awkward misfit that I never realized before. His controlling nature is becoming much more evident and his bold face lies are piling up like Gordon Campbell.

Consequently I've started a new blog to itemize my concerns with the mean spirited dishonesty the Harper Government is perpetuating. I might add that it is not the Harper Government it is the Government of Canada. He does not own it. It is owned by the people of Canada.

He doesn't even have a majority government. All this trash talk about coalitions is absurd. He doesn't have 50% of the seats in the House of Commons. If he does not form a coalition with another political party, he cannot form the government. Him calling his minority government his government is absurd.

It's like putting Drago's picture on the Russian flag in Rocky IV. It's the Canadian Government, not Harper's government. This kind of bizarre arrogance and this kind of departure from democracy needs to stop.

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