Friday, April 29, 2011

Harper spent Paul Martin's budget Surplus

A blog reader had pointed out that Harper spent Paul Martin's budget surplus. I thought that was well worth looking into because I didn't realize Paul Martin had a budget surplus. Turns out he did. In fact it was bigger than they thought it was. In fact when Jean Chr├ętien took over from Brian Mulroney in 1993, the budget surplus consistently rose dramatically.

Debt reduction is important. Yet that doesn't mean removing public accountability and privatizing everything under the sun and handing over our democratic sovereignty to large corporations that has no regard for the Canadian economy only their own. That only shoots ourselves in the foot and reduces tax revenue.

A prime example of the false stereotype is in the US. People there claim the republicans will run a surplus while the democrats will run a deficit. History has shown that to be untrue. Bush sucked billions out of their economy to fund the illegal invasion of Iraq based on a lie. The British economy suffered from supporting that lie as well.

Yes we need a military. How many jets and what we use them for is open for debate. Invading countries for their oil is very costly not to mention immoral. That's not even touching on how investment fraud destabilizes the market.

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