Saturday, April 9, 2011

Harper's $11 Billion Hole

There's no question Stephen Harper is handing out IOUs for candy left right and centre. Yet Ignatieff has pointed out that Harper has refused to provide any financial budgets on how he intends to accomplish those goals. Just like he was found in contempt of parliament for asking the House of Commons to approve his budget without giving the House any details on how much his budget would cost. An unprecedented deception.

Indeed, how many schools and hospitals will he have to close to pay for all the fighter jets his candidate Raymond Sturgeon was paid to lobby for and to pay for all the new prisons to put everyone in jail for the possession of 6 pot plants. Harper wanted the House of Commons to give him a blank cheque and now he's asking voters to do the same.

Ignatieff has accused Harper of paying for his many conflicted fighter jets and his many prisons by cutting federal health-care spending. This accusation is completely plausible since Harper has gone on record claiming it's time to scrap the Canada Health Act.

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